week when looking over the line-up for K-fest we noticed a short film that highly provoked our interests.

K-fest is taking place from June 3rd to 6th. The event hosts an array of musical artists such as OTHERKIN, Saint Sister and I am Niamh to name a few. I am sure these gigs will all be wonderfully entertaining. We chose something a little different today however. We decided to look at a film in K-fest’s “a series of shorts”.

losttrainThe Lost Skytrain is an intriguing story of how a WW2 plane ended up in the MacGillycuddy’s Reeks and how two local farmers came to discover the plane, and the bodies of its five man crew, almost two months after crashing. The documentary is only 15 minutes long but it provides a first-hand account of the community’s reaction to the tragedy at the time and is definitely not to be missed in our opinion.  A Series of Shorts takes place at 7pm in CYMS (Free). For more info on K-fest and the rest of the line-up check out this link: