Puck Fair is one of Ireland’s oldest fairs.  Every year a goatcatcher goes up into the mountains to catch a wild goat. The goat is brought back to the town and the Queen of Puck, traditionally a young school girl from one of the local primary schools, crowns him King Puck. This signifies that the festivities may begin!  On the 3rd day – minus his crown – he is brought down to be led back to his mountain home.

The welfare of the goat is of utmost importance to all involved in organising Puck Fair. We have strict protocols in place to ensure this and they are overseen and checked by an independent Veterinary Surgeon.

The festival is organised by a group of voluntary members, who are assisted during the festival by various community volunteers, emergency services, Garda Siochana, Health Service Executive Southern Area, Civil Defence, Kerry County Council.