This new race showcases the best of Dingle and Slea Head. A beautiful swim in Ventry Harbour is followed by a cycle around Slea Head and a run among the hills behind Ventry, before finishing with a 10k run through the hills, with the last 1.5km along stunning Ventry beach.

Swim Route

Description: starting on the beach in Ventry you will swim straight out to the first buoy where you will turn left keeping the buoy on your left shoulder. You swim then to the second buoy where you again turn left keeping the buoy on your left shoulder. You then swim straight to shore where you exit the water, follow the chute over the timing mat then re-enter the water and swim one more lap of the same route. On exiting the water the second time you will make your way to the transition area.

Cycle Route

Description: Upon leaving transition you shall turn left onto the world famous Slea Head route. This route will take you through some of the most stunning scenery Ireland has to offer, along the coast, looking down the cliffs, past stunning beaches, movie sets and through mythical villages with unpronouncable names. Enjoy the ride, this is as good as it gets. As you get closer to Dingle you will turn right and cycle the last few kilometres back to Ventry where you will turn left into transition before beginning your run.

Run Route

Description: When you leave transition onto the main road you will turn right for 250metres where you will turn left at Quinn’s pub and up the hill. At the top of the hill you will again turn left and continue along the narrow country roads for approximately 8kms until you pass the local graveyard and again emerge onto Ventry beach along which you will run the final 1.5kms along the sand to finish this amazing race.