For some David V Goliath may be over stating things. I apologise to all my Cork friends but this is exactly where it is at in the present moment in time.

2012 is a long time ago since The Rebels last registered a W over the Kingdom. Yes there have been draws (2015) and it was close in 2013 but still now W.

Kerry are still in the upper echelons of the GAA Gods, albeit it’s been a while since we were actually head of the table. Cork on the other hand have just faded into the wilderness of Division 3.

There is a huge gap in where both these teams are at currently. Are Cork too good for Division 3. Of course, they are but just as supporters of a huge football club like Sunderland will argue they are too big for the 1st Division in England there they are.

However, this game has a hidden under current. And you can be well sure Cork are fully aware of it.

Should Mr Horan and the powers that be decide to bring in a second tier of the Championship next year Cork will be in as the current system stands. However, they have Kerry in their back yard. A one-off game to ensure a place in the Super 8’s. How then can they be in the second tier of competition. Lose to Kerry and they could well find themselves on a road trip up North and out. Division 3 for them and lower tier competition should it be voted in.

Gaelic Football needs Cork at the top table and i say that with all due respect to all pretenders to the top tier.

Goliath, it is said refused the offer of a shield and sword from Saul but instead approached Goliath with his staff, a Sling and 5 stones.  Goliath was expecting a fight with swords

and shields against the Israelite Champion. David’s approach threw him off. He was now unsure of what to expect. The rest as the Bible tells us is History. Goliath fell with one blow of a stone for David’s sling and the Philistines fled.

Cork have serious pace all over the field. That is their strength. Peter is aware of this though by the team he has selected, Jack Barry back in midfield, Gavin White and Paul Murphy all back and have serious pace and engines coupled with the work rate of Dara Moynihan to help protect out back 6. Cork full back line is probably their Achilles foot but can we get enough of a foothold around the park to really test them is the question. Kerry have better forwards. It will be a shootout.

If Cork come out with the same approach as they have done over the past few years Kerry will win, of that I’m certain. However, I’ve a worrying feeling in the pit of my stomach. I felt Clare would ask questions of us and they did.

If Cork can throw up a new game plan maybe they can make Kerry the Goliath wonder whether he is indeed a footballing Giant after all.