A €4.5 Million Property Outside Kenmare

According to the property website daft we looked for what is currently the most expensive property in the Kingdom at them moment. There was a lot of talk about Chris de Burg selling his €28million property in Wicklow so this put us thinking of what is the most expensive property in Kerry at the moment.  The search brought us to a stunning property in Greenane, Kenmare.

An Culu

Of course if you are going to spend four and a half million bucks on a castle, it better have a name and this one is called An Culu. “An Culu is a truly unique property situated on the shore of Kenmare Bay commanding some of the most beautiful panoramic views over the bay and beyond to the Caha Mountains.” – Daft

Property Features



For Sale by Savilles

The property is for sale by Savilles and James Butler is the auctioneer in charge of this sale. If you would like to contact James or see more about this amazing property, you can get more details here