Just like the beer itself, this event is not just a simple session in what would seem to be an old sweet shop with a few of the local characters. No. Killarney Beerfest has much more to offer than the stereotypical traditional Irish bar that smells like a ten year old cola cube and a barman who sells naggin bottles with one hand and zipper bags of bull’s eyes with the other. Instead, the festival provides an entertaining and educational experience. The festival hosts a mix of activities from workshops and demonstrations of how to brew your own beer to live music and its annual awards ceremony. With an impressive 22 brewing companies involved it promises to be a tasty and intriguing couple of days. See highlights video here;

The event takes place on the weekend of May 27th in the INEC Killarney with a selection of the best craft beers Ireland has to offer. Tickets for the event can be purchased online at a price of €10 per day with two FREE pints included in the price.


For more info visit: http://inec.ie/festival/killarney-beerfest/