Killorglin’s K-Fest Needs Your Help


K-Fest 2k19 – Killorglin Music & Art Festival

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ll have heard about Killorglin’s amazing arts and music festival which runs every June Bank Holiday weekend. The festival has an unusual concept where it takes all the vacant buildings in Killorglin and turns them into amazing centres of creativity whether it is a form of art, spoken word, music or performances that will leave you thinking about what you just saw for the rest of the year.

K-Fest is still a relatively new festival as they go and this year will only be it’s 6th one but you kinda feel that it’s been going on a lot longer because of the how well the festival is run. One thing that we really like about the festival here at The Kerry Journal is how they involve the community with their clever way of funding online. You can chip in to help fund the festival but also you get some wonderful rewards so not only do you have a great sense of pride for doing good but you have some gifts and passes for performances too.

Here’s what the K-Fest Committee had to say about their fundraising process:

K-Fest 2K19 FUND IT Campaign – We NEED your help!!


Our Fund it campaign continues to be one of the main sources of funding for K-FEST. As a volunteer organisation, it is safe to say that without the contributions of all those via Fund it, K-FEST would not meet the standard it has set on the national cultural stage.
For those familiar with K-FEST and Fund it, we would be delighted if you would consider contributing again, and for those contributing for the first time, welcome to the K-FEST family!

Money is not taken from your account until the campaign ends (and only if the total target amount is reached), so you don’t need money at the time you make the pledge. You can also pledge any amount, with rewards starting at €25.

By contributing to K-FEST you’re not just guaranteeing yourself the best weekend of the year — you’re supporting the creativity and careers of dozens of visual and performing artists and musicians, as well as helping create a showcase for Ireland’s best emerging talent.

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So there you have it, don’t wait as there is only limited time but get your hand in your pocket and support this fantastic festival and you will get some really cool rewards to go with it as well as an amazing feeling of well being, and that is priceless.

Fund K-Fest