History of the Event

As the locals were retiring for the night, a strange but eerie noise was coming from the vicinity of the local pier. They saw the crew of the french boat holding torches and marching through the village. They were led by a piper and in the centre of the torchmen a shaggy and staggering figure of an old man on his last legs was swaying as if his time was up.

They proceeded through the village and when they returned to the head of the pier, a shot rang out and the old man lay on the road as if dead. The new man gave a speech to explain to locals about what they had just seen and he went on to inform them that the old man had symbolised the year gone by and, come midnight, he was no more. The New Man symybolised all that was new and the youth of the year that had just begun.

Join the locals and celebrate a custom of over 100 years.  A colourful street parade is led by a piper with blazing turf torches and a man dressed as the Old Year. The old man becomes decrepit until, on the stroke of midnight, he disappears. A vibrant young man depicting the New Year appears and takes over the parade and then the New Year party really begins!