The Late Late Show

Ryan Tubridy will have his hands full tomorrow night as he prepares for not one, not two but FIVE of the Healy Rae’s on his show. No doubt there will be a massive reaction to their appearance as they did the last time although that was just the brothers Michael & Danny. This time Michael will have his son and first time councillor Jackie Healy Rae and Danny will have his son and daughter Johnny Healy Rae and Maura Healy Rae. They must already be well used to the limelight as Mario Rosenstock had a song on his famous Gift Grub this week, if you didn’t catch it here it is:

Jackie Healy Rae

We got a chance to catch up with Jackie Healy Rae as it will be his first time as a guest and asked him what he thought and he said:

Looking forward to the opportunity and only delighted to be asked on, I was in the audience numerous times when my father was on it, but, never thought the day would come I’d be on it myself, so another goal checked off the list, in what has been a week I could only have dreamed for, that’s as long as we are allowed past the Red Cow.

People either love the Healy Rae’s or love to hate them, either way it will make for great viewing and we will look forward to monitoring the best comments on twitter and facebook as it happens. We’ll keep you posted.