Play On

Killorglin CYMS Players is presenting “Play On” by Rick Abbot, who is well-known for his farces and comedic plays.

“Play On” is the story of the Dunbar Drama Society and its preparation of a local playwright’s original murder mystery. With no royalty fees to pay, the drama society thinks it got a great deal until the playwright continues to interrupt the rehearsal process with constant rewrites and changes.

Play On
Play On by CYMS Players

These rewrites and changes come with hysterical repercussions as Act I is a rehearsal of the dreadful show with bickering actors, bumbling crew and backstage romances in full swing. Act II is the near disastrous dress rehearsal, and the final act is opening night where anything that can go wrong does. Act III is truly a hilarious affair that you will thoroughly enjoy, as the show comes together for the opening night, will the nerves get the better of the cast – will they remember all their new lines? – Only time will tell.

Here is the cast :

Andy :    James O Riordan

Gerry:     Donal Pigott

Killorglin CYMS Players
BACK: Karl Falvey, James O Riordan, Donal Pigott, Maddy Foley-Rix, Barry Harmon, Vivian O Callaghan. FRONT: Martha Fleming, Mike Moriarty, Sarah Pigott, Bridget Cahillane.

Louis:      Barry Harmon

Henry:     Mike Moriarty

Polly:      Martha Fleming

Smitty:    Sarah Pigott

Saul:       Karl Falvey

Billy:        Vivian O Callaghan

Violet:       Bridget Cahillane

Phyllis:      Maddy Foley-Rix

This production is another fine example of the high quality drama productions that from the CYMS Players. In some respects, it is not worth going just to see this play but it represents everything that is great about living in a community like Killorglin. The play is part of a fundraising effort to raise funds for the replacement of the roof on the main building. The work that they carry out here is immeasurable to our society.