ith the last few minutes ticking away before the nominations to run for election had closed Cllr Danny Healy-Rae has caused the biggest surprise to the electorate by adding his name to the the ring.

Video: Don Macmonagle Youtube Channel

We have given our level best to the people of South Kerry …… and we feel the time is right now, in order to give a complete service we feel it’s necessary for the second one of us to run

There is no doubt that the decision to make this move could have been influenced by Tom Fleming’s decision to withdraw from running. Michael Healy-Rae had the following to say on his facebook page earlier today “I’m glad to announce that my brother Danny Healy-Rae has filled up his nomination form and added to the General Election ballot paper”


One of the things that the Healy Rae’s bring to an election is excitement and after Michael has already released one song we do not know what to expect next.

If Michael and Danny do manage to take 2 out the possible 5 seats that are available, they will be the first siblings to hold two seats in one constituency in the history of the state.